About Us

Hi, we’re Pip and Luis and together we run Cactus and Moon Print Shop.

In the early 2000s we spent a lot of time in the deserts of North Mexico. The desert represents purity for us, there is a purity in the stripped back minimalism of the landscape, there is no room for anything extra or unnecessary. It’s all burned away under the harsh glare of the sun, this includes anything egotistical, there is no space for ego or posturing.  And yet, there is a beautiful softness to it all, represented by the moon, which governs our cycles and bestows innate beauty on to every endeavour, highlighting the purity of intention, the softness and harshness of life.

The Cactus and Moon Print Shop is our little honouring of this grandness.  We hand letter and hand draw our designs, then transfer them on to hand made screens.  We keep processes and equipment to a minimum, nothing is done on a big scale.  We use water based inks and print to order so there is no waste and no fuss.  We work quietly and unobtrusively, honouring the cactus and the moon, that tiny part of us that easily gets buried under every day busyness, but which is always there, ready to expand.

We also welcome collaborations, the end result is always more magical than the sum of its parts. We offer a print to order, no minimum print run service with the option of a fulfillment service.  Get in touch if you’d like to explore options.