Soup is such a comforting and grounding meal for me. I make it for my family with so much care and offer it to them in the same spirit, to nourish and soothe. It’s so simple and unfussy, just veggies, chickpeas and little pasta. It feels like a warm hug and brings me back down into myself. …. The day before yesterday I was busy, my work day was filled with chattering and deadlines and then I rushed through the wind and rain to meet a good friend at a very busy local cafe. I drank a flat white and although it was beautifully made, I was so jangled. Then the school run and mum life but by the end of the day I was exhausted but my head was ringing and I could not sleep.

So yesterday I needed to ground myself, the soup was just what I needed along with the added bonus of homemade granary sourdough. I’ve just managed to restart my sourdough starter so it felt particularly special last night.
… Simple, unfussy food is such an aide to grounding and slowing down for me. I’d love to hear what food you turn to in moments of overwhelm…😍

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