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  • Grounding

    Soup is such a comforting and grounding meal for me. I make it for my family with so much care and offer it to them in the same spirit, to nourish and soothe. It’s so simple and unfussy, just veggies, chickpeas and little pasta. It feels like a warm hug and brings me back down into myself. …. The day before yesterday I was busy, my work day was filled with chattering and deadlines and then I rushed through the wind and rain to meet a good friend at a very busy local cafe. I drank a flat white and although it was beautifully made, I was so jangled. Then the school run and mum life but by the end of the day I was exhausted but my head was ringing and I could not sleep.

    So yesterday I needed to ground myself, the soup was just what I needed along with the added bonus of homemade granary sourdough. I’ve just managed to restart my sourdough starter so it felt particularly special last night.
    … Simple, unfussy food is such an aide to grounding and slowing down for me. I’d love to hear what food you turn to in moments of overwhelm…😍

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  • Gentle Anarchy

    Have you noticed the increasing pressure to move faster through life? …
    I noticed it the other day when I went supermarket shopping. The car park is always quite frenetic, and once I got inside I realised that there was an air of barely concealed hysteria, of people desperate to get the things they wanted, in a minimal amount of time so they could move on (topple forward) to the next activity.

    Picking up on this, I made a conscious decision not to join in. I didn’t want to join the frenetic canter through the aisles to the finish line checkouts, emerging victorious from the fray with my spoils. So, I went Slow.

    I took my time, meandered almost! I read the labels, took time to make my choices and revelled in the sensuous nature of so many beautiful foods vying for my attention. It was glorious!

    But I annoyed a whole bunch of people. I was jostled a number of times, and could feel the collective ‘pushing’, trying to force me to move quicker. Such an interesting experience which has given me so much to think about in other situations…

    Seriously though, if you want try some gentle anarchy, try going deliberately slow. It’s fascinating!! Have you got any experiences of gentle anarchy that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you 😍

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  • Toppling forward

    “We are rushing when we feel as if we are toppling forward. Our minds run ahead of ourselves; they are out there where we want to get to, instead of being settled back in our bodies. Whenever we are not present, right then, in that situation, we should stop and take a few deep breaths. Settle into the body again. Feel yourself sitting. Feel the step of a walk. Be in your body.” Joseph Goldstein

    I’m finding this idea rolling and rolling round my head at the moment. My mind is tumbling with ideas, I feel as though by beginning to express myself creatively, just in the tiniest of ways, that I’m beginning to unleash a giant torrent of creativity and ideas. It’s overwhelming, exhilarating and almost frightening… this has parallels with the ‘outside’ world too, everything seems to be moving faster and so much information is making demands on my mind space, my time, everything… I feel like I’m almost being pushed forward, toppling, toppling… ….
    And so, I take a big deep breath, return to my body, sink right down into my very core and take refuge there.
    Being grounded and fully present…and hanging on for dear life as this rollercoaster keeps on going…. does anyone else feel almost pushed over by life? How are you finding ways to cope? I’d love to hear other experiences of this 😍

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  • A lovely tea

    Slow Living Light moment: a lovely tea of crushed peas with wild garlic, seared new season English asparagus, goats cheese and olive oil… all piled on top of a beautiful loaf of sourdough, an unexpected gift from Laura @hartsbakery

    A perfect end to a lovely day catching up with a good friend that has left me with my soul full, my inspiration ignited and a happy tummy. Today has been a good day to appreciate the value of friends and a good old fashioned natter at the kitchen table while the baby sleeps and the kids are at school.

    #slowlivingsquad appreciating a moment of #slowlivinglight of #friendship and #simplespringfood atop of #sourdough 😍

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  • Sharing another moment of Slow Living Light

    A little posy of wild garlic foraged from my woodland walk back home from work. A welcome little gift from nature after a morning spent in meetings and wrestling with spreadsheets. I was thinking of cooking it with new potatoes, asparagus and courgettes, maybe some goats cheese. Or any other suggestions… I’d love to hear how you eat it 😍 #slowlivinglight moment brought to you by the #slowlivingsquad

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  • Books

    Completely and utterly inspired by these two books at the moment. I sat and devoured The Art of Frugal Hedonism in practically one day. It’s so reassuring to read similar experiences shared in the book and to know we’re not alone on this path. I ordered the book after listening to an interview on Slow Your Home podcast which was amazing. … I picked up Wild at the local library on a whim and it has blown my mind. I’ve never read anything like it before, it is so awesome. I can’t hurry my way through this one… each sentence needs to be savoured and digested. Remarkable… … What books are igniting your inspiration and passion at the moment? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

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  • Walk through the woods

    A walk through the woods on the way to and from work is an absolute life saver for me. It’s a valuable transition space for me, a time just for me with no kids and no work colleagues. I deliberately don’t listen to music or podcasts and instead try to immerse myself in the sounds that surround me… the rustling of the leaves, the birdsong, the sounds that make me look behind me thinking someone’s there… … Springtime is bursting all around, bluebells carpet the woods, a patch of wild garlic, birds singing the joys of spring. A sensory overload to counteract the sterile environment of a man made office where I spend my mornings. … #slowlivingsquad enjoying #moments of #slowlivinglight in a #busyday